Sir James Smith's Community School


Skirts, Trousers, Hoodies and Shoes

Parents/carers please read this and help support staff as we try to review all aspects of what we do in school to improve the climate for teaching and learning – yes there is a direct link between uniform and success at school!

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Skirts / Skin-Tight Leggings

Recently there has been an increasing fashion for short, tight, lycra skirts and this is causing a problem for some girls.  These types of skirts are not appropriate for school as they restrict students’ movement in lessons, makes them reluctant to take part in particular activities and makes the wearer self-conscious.  Skin-tight leggings are also not appropriate for school.  

When purchasing skirts or leggings for school wear, please ensure they are of an appropriate length and fit and do not restrict movement.


As indicated in the uniform list, hoodies are not acceptable substitutes for the school jumper.  Students will not be allowed to wear them during the school day. They also detract from the rest of students who look smart and so I request that hoodies are left at home.

Black shoes

All we want is plain all-black footwear following a basic shoe style.  They do not have to be highly polished leather shoes.  And girls can wear the small dolly-style shoe.  What we do not want is footwear that is obviously a trainer and/or shows off colours, stripes, flashes, different colour soles and so on.  Plain black please – there is plenty of choice out there.

Staff and governors hope all parents/carers will support school staff in their endeavour to smarten up the school and promote a sense of pride in students.  We would like to thank the overwhelming majority of parents/carers whose children do come to school smartly dressed day in day out – your help is greatly appreciated.

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