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GCSE Exam Results - 2018

There was a sense of nervous excitement around the Sir James Smith’s Community School Main Hall this morning as Year 11 students gathered to collect their GCSE results.  As the envelopes were opened the atmosphere turned to one of excitement and relief as students of all abilities realised they had achieved what they needed for their post 16 choices. 

In what has been a challenging time for Secondary Schools with the introduction of new, tougher GCSEs and a new grading system, staff at Sir James Smith's Community School were on hand to help explain what the results meant and congratulate some remarkable achievements. 

The final results achieved at Sir James Smith’s Community School won’t be known until later in the autumn term as reviews take place but the provisional picture looks to be in line with early reports of the national picture with 73% of students entered for English and 64% of students entered for Maths achieving a grade 4 or better.

Interim Headteacher, Kristien Carrington, said “It’s such a pleasure to see the reaction of parents/carers and students as they realise that all of that hard work has paid off, you can just feel the tension in the room being replaced with relief and delight.  The grades those pupils are looking at now are important and they are right to be pleased with what they have accomplished but those grades alone won’t determine their future.  Here at SJS we are just as keen on making sure that all of our students understand where their own strengths lay and how important it is to have ambitions and goals to work towards.  We take great pride in all of our students regardless of whether they’re picking up results today with half a dozen grade 9’s like Isabel or a clean sweep of 1’s and 2’s.  Behind every set of results is a story of effort on the part of students, parents/carers and teachers and I’m so proud of the work done here by everybody.  We have plenty of students who will now be able to go on to face exciting new challenges having overcome incredible hardships to get to this point.  That doesn’t happen without the dedication of some incredible colleagues or the drive and support of the students and parents themselves.”

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