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Local Governing Board

Introduction to governance at Sir Jim’s

The governing board plays a crucial role in the development of our school and needs to be regarded as an integral part of school leadership. Our governors understand there is a relationship between good governance and the quality of leadership and management, as well as the quality of teaching and students’ achievements. They also understand that governing bodies need to be fit for the future not to represent the best of the past.

The local governing board represent the views and aspirations of the community.  Governors’ focus on those duties delegated to them by the Trust Board. These duties are set down in the Scheme of Delegated Authority.  Local governing boards are primarily concerned with standards (progress, attainment, quality of teaching), safeguarding and stakeholders (pupils, parents/carers, staff and the wider community).  Of paramount importance is the child’s experience of school and ensuring that a particular school is successful.  They set the ethos and character and are responsible for the overall success of the school.

The North Cornwall Learning Trust believes learning should be enjoyable, purposeful and a preparation for living in modern Britain; and schools should be happy, caring and safe places. A well-informed, supportive and challenging local governing board is an essential prerequisite for a successful School.  The core purpose of the local board is to implement the strategic aims and vision of the School through delivery, monitoring and evaluation of progress of the annual improvement plan.

The local governing board has the following strategic functions:

  • Establishing strategic direction.
  • Ensuring accountability.
  • Setting and reviewing the school’s annual budget.

The local governing board will hold the Headteacher to account for:

  • The educational achievement of all students in the School including progress and attainment of all groups of students.
  • The quality of teaching and learning and the curriculum.
  • Standards of behaviour and attendance.
  • Leadership and management: performance management; staff development; safeguarding.
  • Delivery of the delegated budget.

Sir James Smith’s local governing board has 9 members – at any one time at least two must be parents/carers and at least one, but no more than one third staff, including the Headteacher.  The local governing board meet twice a term for formal meetings.  Governors are also linked to subjects and meet with the Subject Leader and students throughout the year to discuss issues about the subject and the rest of school.

The role of the Governor is to support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in their vision of how Sir Jim’s should continually improve and to hold them to account for how the students are educated and the school is managed.  The SJS local governing board bring a large range of experience as parents/carers, members of the local community and workers in the wider business community to the school and hope to use this to the benefit of the students, the school and the communities it is rooted in.

If you are interested in supporting the school in this way, please contact, Judith Knock, Clerk to the Governors at the school. 

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