Sir James Smith's Community School

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Calling all former students of Sir Jim's.

If you are an ex-student of Sir Jim’s we need your help to promote aspiration across the school community. To do this we would like to know a little about the life journeys of ex-students. Our current students would love to find out if they went to university, the qualifications they achieved, the jobs they have done, the places they have lived and their other successes. I am sure there are many great stories to share with today’s students.

To this end staff and governors would like to compile and publish on the school website a list of alumni with some basic details and possibly a photograph. If you would like to contribute to this project please click here for the letter and here for the pro forma.

If you do decide to become an alumnus, can I offer my thanks – your story might create the spark that makes a difference!

Please return your completed pro forma to:


Jon Lawrence


(Alma mater: Redruth County Grammar School 1972-1978)