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Child Sexual Exploitation

Sir Jim’s is committed to safeguarding. One of the things we need to do if we are to look after our students and keep them safe is to provide information and guidance to young people themselves and their parents/carers. This information is about one aspect of safeguarding, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

One of the most disturbing developments recently was Professor Jay’s report into the sexual exploitation of children in Rotherham. Cases in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby, Oxford and other towns and cities across the country have uncovered the previously hidden scale of the problem. It would be naïve to believe those things couldn’t happen in Cornwall – the facts show the sexual exploitation of children can take place anywhere.

Local authorities and schools are now successfully using a range of innovative and creative campaigns to raise awareness amongst all young people and protect those young people at risk of sexual exploitation.

At Sir Jim’s, assembly time has been used to raise awareness amongst all our students.

  • To see the powerpoint shown in the assembly, click here.

Two information leaflets produced by the Local Safeguarding Children Board have been made available on the website:

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